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Rumors were going around about our collord cassettes. After testing our new collored cassettes we found out its possible!
Firts collor availeble is red! And here is the final result!

Stems are finaly ready in different sizes! 80, 90, 100, 110 and 120mm availeble. The weight for the 100mm is 85 grams bolts included. This Product has an EN Certificate. 


Here is the Artist and Jeweler  Marieke Russel making the special diamond edition of the Ceradure Cassette
It wil be displayed at the London Bike show starting on the 12th of Januari.
This one off wil be auctioned at the London Bike show at the Booth from Veroli LTD our British Distributor. The cassette is decorated with Zirconia Stone's.


Mean and Green! Special project for Peerkes bikes and coffee! Getting interested? Please let us know!


Ceradure Launched new 29ner tubeless Rims at Brno cycle show.

Ceradure came up with 2 new rim profiles 1 29ner and 1 650B size.

The special thing about the ceradure rims is that you can built a perfect tubeless wheelset with normal spokes and normal spoke nipples. The spoke nipple wil be locked by a plastic button as you can see on the picture.

The 29ner rim is right now availeble and Weights 410 gramms, there is no rider weight restriction on those rims.


                 Ceradure Will Be There Hall V Stand 136


Our Cassette had been tested by BikeRadar! Below you'll find their verdict:

Ceradure road cassette review | £318

Ceradure road cassette

BikeRadar verdict 4 out of 5 stars

Ceradure are a Benelux-based engineering company with a great reputation in pro motocross and motorsport for lightweight sprockets and disc rotors, proven in such races as the Dakar Rally. Recently they've been working on lightweight bicycle-specific components, and this is the first road cassette they've made available to test.

The cassette and sprockets are all four-axis CNC machined from one piece of aluminium, then after machining the cassette is given a ceramic then a Teflon coating. The 12-25 Shimano/SRAM-compatible cassette offers a decent spread of gears – 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 19, 21, 23, 25 – so no glaring jumps or omissions.

Each sprocket features decent chain ramps and a machined tooth to help the chain shift. These aren’t as aggressively machined as those on a Shimano cassette, and you can sense a more robust shift compared with the smooth jumps from the Japanese drivetrain wizards. But what the Ceradure lacks in smoothness it more than makes up for in good, positive shifts.

The Teflon coating keeps the cassette free of grit and grime – for best results we’d say keep lubing to a minimum, the slick coating simply doesn’t need extra help. Chain compatibility was excellent with an aftermarket KMC chain, as well as the SRAM PC1091.

Shimano’s latest directional Dura-Ace chain coped fine but wasn’t as slick as when it’s combined with a Dura-Ace cassette. Ceradure assert that the cassette is good for in excess of 5,000km (3,107 miles), and while we’ve only managed to put a few hundred miles on ours it’s shown very little signs of wear.

A Dura-Ace cassette will set you back £179.99 and SRAM Red £205.99, so at just over £300 at current exchange rates the Ceradure is expensive, but it does weigh a significant amount less. At 85g, including a 4g lockring, it’s 104g less than Dura-Ace and 88g less than Red. So if weight reduction is your main concern the Ceradure is certainly worth considering; it’s not as slick as Dura-Ace but it's the best lightweight aftermarket cassette we’ve tried.

This article was originally published in Cycling Plus magazine.


Just arrived: The new test packaging for all Ceradure products! 


Ceradure on a lightweight Be One MTB @ Bike Motion Benelux 2011


Ceradure Printed a new color on the back of the cassett! Metallic Gold! Next week available in the UK! Other country's don't worry it will be there soon enough!


Ceradure Managed to reduce the weight of the titanium bolts for the Ceradure Magnesium Stem! The result is really nice!!

And the weight is:


Ceradure on Bike & Trimm 2011!

Cooolsport will represent Ceradure during Bike & Trimm 25,09-28,09. We are proud to cooperate with Cooolsport!

You can find Cooolsport here: e&e boxx a/F8,F9


Ceradure on Festi Bike 2011!                                                  Festibike

Today starts FestiBike in Las Rozas in Spain. You can find the Ceradure products at the booth of our distributor SRV Sports in the indoor area at booth number 34.

Have a nice show!


A nice review on Road CC Thanks to our guys from:


Dutch ceramic coatings specialist Ceradure was at Eurobike for the first time showing off road and mountain-ratio cassettes first of all machined in one piece from a solid block of aluminium and then coated in a smooth ceramic finish that helps the alloy's durability but mostly makes it quiet and slippery for nicer shifts. The weight is a world-beating - they say - 88 grams for the 12-25 10-speed combo including the locking and the price €349.

Ceradure says the ceramic is more than just a simple coating, their man Willem explaining that the process is not unlike anodizing where the finish actually reacts with the host material and penetrates for a strong bond. 2,000km is the claimed distance covered in one ratio, which doesn't sound bad but you still won't be using it for commuting. Well, Lord Sugar might but the rest of us lucky enough to afford €349 for a cassette will be saving it for top rides. There is also a rather amazing 85 gram magnesium stem with a similar ceramic finish. Price for that is also €349. You can order from Ceradure's website but there are talks going on for distribution to UK shops.



Ceradure want's to thank everybody who made this show a success!

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Greetings Team Ceradure!